Yes, we have

an attitude.

Yes, we have

an attitude.

We may not do
what you ask us to.

The Team

Sara Sanguino:

Creating deeper connections with your audience

Branding and Web Design

Sara Sanguino has an eye (put the third eye here instead of the word eye) for design.  She is brilliant at connecting you and your audience, through your unique story & branding.  The moment people visit your website, they will feel your authenticity, connected, and know who you are and what you have to offer. Sara believes you are the key ingredient to your online success. She will elevate your brand’s aesthetic, create a website that is next level and in alignment with your values and vision.  She cares deeply that your message is conveyed in a connected way, your audience identifies with you, your services or offerings stand out; all while your business strategy and sales funnel serve your audience to the highest level.

Catherine Zarabanda:

Integrating technology with strategy to create a cohesive experience for your audience

Design and Development

Catherine Zarabanda is a tech wizard.  Her expertise with technology and functional support are other worldly.  She will ensure your website integrates seamlessly with your visual design and strategy. One of her goals, is to generate and maintain relationships with your online audience. Catherine uses her extensive knowledge of wordpress, UI/UX design and technology to ensure your website looks great on every device.  Making sure the technology that drives your business and visual design form a cohesive, connected experience that your audience will intuitively understand and adore.

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