A thriving Successful Business

And less work for you!

Grow your business.

Free up your time.

Streamline your process.

What is a lead generation funnel?

Lead generation is a brilliant and dynamic way to identify and cultivate NEW potential clients for your products and services.

The process of finding these leads and closing the deal, is simply referred to as a funnel.

From start to finish the process involves; filtering large audiences through facebook, instagram, mailing lists, advertisements, etc. Finding viable leads, and having an automated process which effortlessly brings you real and potential clients.

Real leads = Real clients

Targeted marketing

Draw them in because you have what they want


Automated booking

The work is already done for you

Automated follow up

Clients feel appreciated

When you do your best work, you only need to do it once.

Are you ready to find client’s who want what you have to offer?  

This is the way to do it!


Genuine interest in your service or product =

Real potential clients

  • No more prospecting on your personal time
  • No more cold leads
  • No more dead ends and wasted time

Automate – so the work is done for you


  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Drive traffic
  • Get paying clients/customers

Exciting, Efficient, Effective,

less work for you and better results.



Make it easy for you!



One custom design for splash page with contact form, copy offer, branding, list of benefits.


You know what they say about first impressions…They count!

When visitors land on your site, what do they see first? Do you engage your customers, or do they hit your last page before they even know what you have to offer

Splash pages – Start the conversation the moment they land on the page.

  • Interactive.
  • Engaging.
  • Impactful. 

Give your audience the right message!



One freebie + up to one hour of optimizing and improvement (freebie must be provided).

Do you have an email list? Do you need to grow one? 

How do you grow your email list organically, without being invasive and providing value to your clients?


Offer a freebie (value) for an opt in email list. 

What do you have to offer..?

  • Free Membership to online content
  • eCourse
  • eBook
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Webinar
  • Your services
  • Printables

Just to name a few!

Remember – it’s best to offer something that your specific audience will benefit from. 

*Keep in mind this offer is for the promotion of your freebie, and not the creation of one. 


 One automated email personally branded and designed with your freebie delivery.

How does effortless sound to you? 

 This automated email will take care of the basic communication with your client, with no effort on your part!

 Save time

Succeed in lead nurturing

Encourage sales

 You do what you’re good at and we will set up the rest.



 One ad for each outreach platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc).

Everyone is on social media. And almost ALL of the time.

Social media ads allow you to reach your target audience.  

Filtered by:

Interests |  Behavior   |  Age   |  Location

  • It’s one of the best ways to streamline your advertising: 
  • Great analytics
  • Micro-targeting your audience
  • Wildly wide-spread your outreach
  • Highly engaging
  • Mass marketing with a personal and organic feel
  • Caters to your specific message
  • Direct filter to your Call-to-Action
  • Scalable

*This includes Facebook ad set up (price of the ad promotion is not included) 

*All services will be hosted on your already existing website or Mailchimp or Mailerlite.


Bonus: 30 min strategy call and mini training on what & how to offer your Freebie.


Get personal help immediately that you can apply directly to your splash page, business and offerings.

  • Achieve your goals
  •  Gain more clarity 
  • Get next action steps 

*Take advantage of this mini one-on-one call to discover the purpose of your funnel and gain clarity and direction with your business.


  • Splash pages can be implemented on your pre-existing website or in emailing services such as Mailchimp or Mailerlite. No new website set up or domain creation is applicable for this offer.
  • This process is for offering only one freebie. The freebie is provided by you and can be a video or audio convert, brochure in a .pdf format. Please inquire if you have any other types of freebie not listed above.

Exciting, Efficient, Effective,


 Are you spending valuable time and resources trying to design and build a promotional page, set up lead generation automation, or create ads for social media platforms? 



Save yourself the time, money and headache.


You got into your industry for a reason – your passion and purpose. Don’t let the frustration of learning how to grow and make more money extinguish your flame. 

 You are needed elsewhere.  You are in your industry because you have a passion for helping others.

 Your business is powerful. Do more of what you love, and let us help you with the work.

 Our value is in helping you, help others. You focus on what you are good at and leave the rest to us!


This package is valued at $695 



 10% of all proceeds will be donated to a non-profit

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